Birds don’t mind the rain... 

Here's a little something I wrote, reflections of time in Knoxville's Old City. 

The rain was pouring  And I was wandering 

Down around Jackson and Central 

And the train that morning 

Startled lost men without warning 

Thinking about you was…

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Don't Forget to Shine demo 

Rough cut of Don't Forget to Shine. Let me know if you are ineterested in bring it to life! :)



I ain’t looking for comfort 

In the chaos of kingdoms 

Where looking glass contorts 

Your heart and your freedom 

You had your reasons 

And I cast my doubt 

In the changing of seasons 

Lost and left out 

So I wander…

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Lightning and the Sun

Took a time out west 

To quench my angry veins 

I was lost at very best 

After I’d buried my remains 

The steel wheels turn time 

Don’t brake for wildflowers 

And the rails steal dime 

From gypsy travelers 

Don’t you…

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Sometimes your letters  

fall off the page  

worn and wise  

burn the sage  

ain’t no change  

in the wars you wage 

sink or swim  

still in a cage 

Sometimes your letters  

arrive unsigned 

don’t get me wrong  

trying to be…

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Good Night from Ghost Ships

Welcome to November! I hope you are all doing well. I got brave and did a "thing!" I made a small e-book of my poetry. If anyone is interested, you can find it at the link below. I am only…

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The Spirit of the Eagle

A dear friend shared something with me and others that has stayed on my mind. It touched me and I just had to write about it. I kept it vague and am not sure it is where I wanted it…

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I didn’t feed the birds today 

Something came up 

Drug me down 

And that’s where I’ll stay 

I noticed the rose on your box 

Before you woke up 

As I walked to town  

No alarm clocks 

And I didn’t buy…

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The Station

This morning seemed longer 

Than all  the ones before 

So I went down to the station 

And sat by the door 

The travellers were plenty 

But didn’t notice a thing 

Lost in my memories 

I missed the first train 


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lullaby of raindrops

A lullabye of raindrops 

Dance on the rooftops 

And it doesn’t dull my cry  

Lances stop the firefly sky 

Will you be true 

When what you need 

Fills the blue 

Then cuts and bleed 

Wash it all away 

In the…

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Pine Mountain Prayer

This was inspired by a friend's sharing of a special place for him and upon research, learned of how many people call this dear mountain their home.


Pine Mountain Prayer 

Won’t you take a roam with me 

Wander Laurel Branch…

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Thank you for your support over the past year. 2020 has been a rough year and we have all prayed and relied upon one another to see us through. The coming year will see joys and strife, and we must…

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