Pine Mountain Prayer

This was inspired by a friend's sharing of a special place for him and upon research, learned of how many people call this dear mountain their home.


Pine Mountain Prayer 

Won’t you take a roam with me 

Wander Laurel Branch…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Thank you for your support over the past year. 2020 has been a rough year and we have all prayed and relied upon one another to see us through. The coming year will see joys and strife, and we must…


Just Another Empty Bar

Just another empty bar 

Dusty tables. Unchalked cue 

Just another empty bar 

No rocks and ain’t no whose who’s 

And I don’t know, who you are 

I can tell you paid you’re dues 

I don’t know who you are 


Moon Shine

Wake up, moon shine 

You’ve cast your spell on me 

It’s been a dark, dark night 

But I can finally see. 

Wake on up, moon shine 

Won’t you show your silver soul 

I had to walk downtown 

In a smile…

Rough Around the Edges 

I didn't make a post for Decoration Day, although everyday I am thankful for those who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. I wrote this song and my dear friend, the late Kent Bilbrey arranged and recorded it. He. had…

Update on Old Barn

This is a cd project my wonderful friend Scott Nelson is creating. The cover art was just completed by Clint Adams. One of my songs appears on this cd. I wanted to share it because some of you havFrom e…



something different that I jotted down....


Come with me, to the picture show 

We can walk there in the Tuesday snow 

Greta Garbo, something we’ve seen 

Not sure whose going to light up the screen 

Mama’s listening to Bob…




Sterling lines on  the roadway 

Like a thousand twinkling stars 

And you tried to make me stay 

In those winter days of ours 

Now my time is almost spent 

My hand was never enough 

It’s hard to say what…


December's Gone 

This is one I wrote back in 2014 about how the giving season seems to end after the sure to always look out for others, no matter the season. The late Kent Bilbrey recorded his version of this song…



One December night 

I saw a paper doll 

Standing in the rain... 

And I couldn’t believe the sight 

The storm did not at all 

Tear her apart in vain... 

I knew her from some other time 

Back when we were…


A Merry Christmas song...

Have you ever walked past a building or church and could hear what was happening inside but felt too awkward to go inside? Like you did not belong, yet you had as much right to be there as anyone else…


Forgive the dust...

I am working on some new songs and new site updates...please stay tuned! As always, we appreciate your support!