Cold In Carolina

I would like to share a new song with you all, Cold In Carolina. I wrote this one about a year ago watching the snow flurries and thinking about mountain times long ago. It's not really derived from any real…



Skies don’t hesitate to 

Bring on the blue 

She driving down the road 

But don’t know where she’s going to 

The words she longs for 

Never made it past the door 

He wanted to…


Seasons on the Sea

His dark eyes are lost in the sunset 

His mind is back in Cherokee 

These waters are trying to threat 

No longer on the banks of the Luftee 

I was raised a son of a gun 


Take a little mountain...

They came to this mountain 

To learn more about old ways 

They sat by the streams 

And washed their worries away 

Majestic birds sang to them 

They drank from our jars 

Creeks danced with…


Goodnight story...

He was cold blooded and able 

Ready to settle the score 

Money on the table 

And a knock at the door 

I stood there there silent 

I knew my place 

Rain began to fall 


August is almost a memory 

And I will miss it... I turned 43. I have a wonderful birthday celebration. I am so thankful for family and friends. It has been a rough summer but I am ready for some new autumn adventures. Who is with…


Sweet Mimosa, Morning Song

This is the other half or the lullaby...

Sweet mimosa 

Open your eyes 

Search the soul

Young sunrise 

Cardinals and 

Bluebirds by two 

Sing for sunshine 

Sparkling dew 

Mountain ridges 


Sweet Mimosa Lullaby

Lullaby for the evening...Goodnight! 

Sweet mimosa 
In the farthest 
Reach of mind 
Crossing bridges 
Running wild 
To the seasons 
Of a child 

Mountain springs 
Wind and foam 
Shadow horses 
Call me home 
Clouds of gray 
Nightfall sighs …

Can You See It?  

Today I went to pull some tall grasses and stuff from around the center of the garden. All of the rain has made it grow out of control. I got almost the entire garden done and had worked my way…

Winter is coming!

August is upon us and the signs of a bad winter are, too. Since time began, some folks have predicted the severity of seasons by using the signs mother nature gave to them. One is the color of the woolly…

The End of July 

Storms are rolling in, along with cooler temperatures. The end of July is unseasonable. It has worked out well because we have spent the past week or so doing some outside clearing and garden work. I am plumb wore out…