Mountain climbers & "sangers" 

American ginseng is well spoken of, but what is it exactly? It is a beautiful plant, that is highly regarded by the Cherokee and Appalachia medicine men and women. It was so coveted by the Cherokee for it's stimulating and pain killing abilities, that it was the only known plant to make the terrible, devastating Trail of Tears journey to Oklahoma. It can only be legally harvested in specific areas at specific time periods through the year. Herbs and plants have beautiful qualities that seldom get attention. This plant can help with pain, heart problems, fatigue and even cancer. 

It is easy to enjoy some gnseng tea. Simply steep a couple of small roots in a cup or so of boiling water. Add a little honey, if you wish.  

A few years back I wrote a song about a Cherokee medicine man and his troubles with his Appalachian lover.  I hope you enjoy the story and the 'sangin!"  :) Special thanks to the late Kent Mandoman Bilbrey, Outlaw Willie Franklin and Terry Phillips!

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