My Hearts a Bustin!




When I was a little girl, my grandmother would go on long walks through our woods with me and my sister, and sometimes other relatives. Whenever we would come to the "hearts a bustin" plant, she would stop and exclaim on it's blossoms or fruit. She would caution us not to eat it, due to it being poisonous. We worried about the birds and other woodsy creatures every time, and she told us it was just for them. Some people call this plant a Bleeding Heart. I have also heard Strawberry Bush. I just remember hearing the old tale about squeezing the berries. It the juice is red, the one you love also cares for you. But, if the juice is clear ir white, it isn't time for love just yet. A few times we squeezed the berries. I can't remember what color the juices were. A few times I went and picked some of the berries and got scolded. It is a beautiful plant.


Sometimes love just doesn't work out the way you think it will. The Monroe Brothers sure do some mighty fast upbeat pickin here on New River Train. I reckon they had to skedaddle fast away from this particular darling. 

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