Ain't No Such Thing As A New Barn

As I have been traveling, I have noticed so many barns in disrepair. Some still in use, but many more not. There's something that fascinates me about old barns. I can try to imagine simpler times, tough times... Every barn tells a story. I have also noticed no new barns. I am sure they are out there, but I have only seen prefab buildings, or the buildings with siding. So, I wrote this about it. Hope you enjoy it.

Ain't No Such Thing As A New Barn

Verse 1: 

On a Sunday drive to clear my mind 

But the ride was getting long 

All the roads I rambled blind 

So many sights from yesterday gone 

An ol barn on the county road 

Sunken in and falling down 

The weather’d done it all bowed 

And there wasn’t a farmer around 

I pulled over to the stall doors 

To take a look inside 

At what used to be so much more 

Now had lost most of it’s pride 

A fellow came wandering over to me 

He thought he knew what I was thinking 

He said we ordered us a new building 

This one is rotten and sinking 


There ain’t no such thing as a new barn 

No one wants to repair the past 

Sweat running from your face, down your arm 

As you nail one board to the last 

Ain’t no such thing as a new barn 

The wood came from some of those old trees 

You can spin up any kind of old yarn 

Buy any new building you please 

There ain’t no such thing as a new barn 

Verse 2: 

Now he thought about this and he looked down 

Said you’re onto something there 

I remember when the neighbors came around 

And we built this barn on a prayer 

You don’t see new barns, or neighbors 

Everybody’s got some place to be 

Nobody no more knows about the labor 

And how running a farm ought to be 

We stood there in quiet reflection 

Of all the times that come and gone 

And agreed the barn’s best attraction 

Was representing how it was hanging on 

I guess I saw a little of me in that barn 

I saw a little of you, too 

Though the years may have done their harm 

We still have made it on through

©Beth Sutton

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