Be Mine

A dark love story for the evening...

Be Mine

He sat there on that mountain 
Underneath the coal black sky 
Holds her hand as she slips away 
He was too damn tired to cry 
The preacher said a few words 
And left before the sun did shine 
He didn’t need no time to mourn 
And he didn’t care about feeling fine 

He had loved her through it all 
Yet she had  roaming eyes 
He learned of her cheatin’ ways 
He learned of her lies 
But by then the sickness had stricken 
She was on the decline 
He waited by her bedside 
Till he could go back in that mine 

Forty years of dying underground 
To see a life for that doll’s eyes 
But sometimes a man just cannot win 
No matter how hard he tries 
The mine was dark as hell 
And as cool as her design 
And no one was around to see 
When he took her where the sun don’t shine 

She looked around with her last glance 
And she gestured to the skies
He told her he had always loved her 
But sometimes that love dies 
Neither would see the light of day 
Not a drop of morning sun shine 
He had one last dying wish 
To spend eternity in that mine

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