Black Friday

I wrote this yesterday while being overcome with all of the BF ads. I can understand wanting a good deal or wanting to find a special gift for a loved one, but there are some folks who need to blend the occasion with a good deed or three. No matter how you see things, may you have a safe and happy weekend!

The Black Friday Song

We had a lovely dinner
And a piece of pumpkin pie
And settled in to nap
Black Friday was nigh


But we could not sleep much;
Because the phone kept chining
With new emails from retailers
Every 2 minutes if you were timing.

The late evening news
And it’s smiling, happy cast
Did not report much on weather or such
But only how those sales would not last

I began to wonder to myself
Was I the only one missing out?
And decided to drive into town
To see what the fuss was all about.

I saw campers outside of the electronics store
Awaiting for three in the morn
Another block I saw a man on the sidewalk
Clearly homeless, looking worn

Toward the mall I could see the lights
But not a single star in the sky
I am sure some marketing exec,
Thought this would be pretty sly...

I came upon a young lady in the falling snow
Who appeared to need a ride
But she just wanted to sell me her pride
So Santa would have lots to hide...

Downtown appeared to be asleep
The shops were adorned with bows
But hometown, homemade gifts
Are not the ones the greedy chose

I began to tire so I turned around
To head back to my cozy home
Feeling rather silly I had ever
Felt the need to roam

I slowed as I passed the broad
Who was desperate on the street
I handed her a twenty
And told her to get to someplace with heat

As I neared the place where the homeless man
Had been huddled to stay warm
An ambulance was loading his body up
It was to be his last snowstorm.

I pulled over to the side of the lot
Where the campers all rang bells
And sang and laughed and could not wait
For all of the Black Friday sales.

I wanted to scream - I began to cry
I could not understand any these folks
I sat in silence for a while
Then decided to get a pack of smokes.

I made my way through the front door
Without awakening anyone
I needed some time to myself
I was chilled to the bone

I made myself vow
To teach my children well
To learn the significance of the season
And to avoid the Black Friday hell.


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