Happy 2019! 

Here is one for the old and new...

A time will come 

When I no longer see 

Will you walk 

Beside me? 

When my youth 

Begins to fade 

And the memories 

We made... 

A time will come 

Just wait and see 

Will you walk away 

Or remember me? 

Darkness casts it’s 

Own afraid 

Stow me away 

From it’s shade. 

Sunshine lends 

It’s wrinkled hand 

Leads you to 

Some wonderland... 

A time will come 

Where you are free 

No longer in need 

Of what you see. 

The moon will shine 

And trees will bend 

In silvery strands 

Spinning wheels mend... 

A time will come 

Of new days to spend 

Will you wait for me 

My only friend?

copyright 2018 Beth Sutton Aquarius

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