Happy New Year! 

It's time to celebrate a new year! Last year had many struggles and reasons for joy. For me, it was a pretty emotional year. I am taking advantage of the new year to begin some new projects and to allow myself to move forward in faith and the promise a 'tomorrow' brings. I always like Mondays. They are a great place to begin fresh. I am sad when I see those who are lost and do not feel there are fresh starts or better days.It always seems like there is a huge push during November and December to be charitable, for good reason. But, all of the charity push seems to dwindle after Christmas. It's like no one is homeless or in need after Christmas. I wrote a song that Kent and I called December's Gone. He did the vocals, music and arrangement/production on it. If you download this song, the money will be donated to a local charity called Clothe My Children. You can learn more about them here:  http://www.clothemychildren.com/

We also created another song for them called Common Cause. Any purchase of it will also go to their charity. You can find it on my Music and Spoken Word page at http://suttonaquarius.com/track/919804/common-cause?autostart=true

 As always, I appreciate your support. May the new year hold many happy experiences for us all. 

Sutton Aquarius

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