Just Another Empty Bar

Just another empty bar 

Dusty tables. Unchalked cue 

Just another empty bar 

No rocks and ain’t no whose who’s 

And I don’t know, who you are 

I can tell you paid you’re dues 

I don’t know who you are 

But we both got these old blues 

Just another empty bar 

So I am wanderin’ out the door 

Just saw a shooting star 

In the alley, all done for 

 Don’t plan on going too far 

You’re gettin’ hard to ignore 

Almost to the reservoir 

Don’t know what I’m looking for 

That crescent smiles from afar 

You do whatever you choose 

Whose gamble is it of ours 

Somebody has got to lose 

Head on down the boulevard 

Think about all we been through 

Wonderin who we really are 

Old Psalm Church is in our view 

Led by that shinin north star 

I know what I have to do  

Sometimes the dark hides a scar 

Salvation is a cut through 

Just another empty bar 

On the corner avenue 

Just another empty bar 

Walk on by, psalm 42 

Copyright Beth Sutton November 2020

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