Monday morning...

This morning I was putting some of the 30 or so plants and herbs on the back porch to get some sun, since it is supposed to warm up today. I noticed the steeple to a church in the distance and then this song came to mind Hope you enjoy!

I can see the church steeple
over on the western ridge
in between the pine trees
over past Andes Bridge

This mountain's seen more heartache
than in my 40 years I gave
it seems throughout the summer
all we did was digging graves

We had a lot of rain
and that made the garden swell
I've got it all in jars now
but I hesitate to say we're doing well

I can see the church steeple
now that the leaves are almost gone
I might head there Sunday
to see what’s been going on

Sold off some cattle to pay for bills
government thinks I need
but I can make it up on this mountain
government's full of greed

I've got my lanterns, got my roots
I've got me some lonesome
I'll use my time wisely
cause I know where i'm from

I can see the church steeple
I know them folks will gather to pray
and over here on this rocky ridge
that's something we do every day.  


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