Take a little mountain...

They came to this mountain 

To learn more about old ways 

They sat by the streams 

And washed their worries away 

Majestic birds sang to them 

They drank from our jars 

Creeks danced with their children 

Darkness wrapped them in stars 

One early morning they awoke 

And packed and went back home 

Fighting traffic and the harshness 

Of overcrowding and alone 

They became so overwhelmed 

And forgot the mountain way 

They let material take their hand 

And it led them far astray 

Come home to this mountain 

Let her branches rock you to sleep 

Forget about your struggles 

Here what you sow is what you reap 

Do not forget the mountain 

It will always be there for you 

And don’t forget to take a little mountain 

Wherever life leads you to 

Copyright Beth Sutton Aquarius 2018

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