The End of July 

Storms are rolling in, along with cooler temperatures. The end of July is unseasonable. It has worked out well because we have spent the past week or so doing some outside clearing and garden work. I am plumb wore out and it is only Tuesday. But, it is a good kind of tired. I feel like I accomplished some things, even amid the sorrow I feel over some personal things going on in my life. I do suppose seasons change, but embracing that change is much more difficult. One particular thing I look forward to at this time of year is picking grapes. They smell amazing and you can catch their scent from across the field, even in the right winds from the front porch. It's kind of a promise to me that there are 'bunches' of grape things to come. I have always loved grapes and grape flavored candy and gum. I hope this summer has given you all many things to love and bunches of reasons to love.Keep Me On The Road is a song I wrote after watching and interview with Willie Nelson. My good friend Gene Blair arranged and recorded it. Willie said one of his secrets to keeping going was staying on the road, and he spoke the line, 'keep me on the road.' 


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