The Knoxville Girl

Smoky Mountain sunshine is well known for bringing out the creativity in East Tennessee. I was raised in Knoxville, TN & have been inspired by the beauty of the region my entire life. Mountain stories inspire & are the heritage to the people of Appalachia. Some of the things I create are based on truth...others are mixed with tales and superstition. My writing has been recorded by the late Kent Bilbrey, Terry Phillips, Outlaw Willie Franklin, Gene Blair, Jeff S Jones, Eric Butterfield, Emily Evans, Eric Yanis, Keith Parker and The Canyon Wind Band, Douglas Haines, Sande Sue Riggs, Charles Richardson, Perry Bonck, David Hawkins and Heidi Monika Johnson. I have written in genres from rock to Christian to bluegrass, and even have some jingles out there playing in the US and in Asia.  

I have worn many hats in my life so far, being a mother is the absolute best! However, I have traveled pretty much everywhere (cue some Cash...) and have been everything thing from a costumier, to make up artist to media and marketing consultant. I have pockets full of memories and stories that need to be inked to paper, still...and notebooks needing notes! I love this journey called life and if you are an old soul, let's make some music!