Songs that relate to the soul

Listeners around the world are entertained and intrigued by the stories and scenes in the songs we have created. Rock, bluegrass, old country and more...There is something for everyone!

A few tracks

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Press / Reviews

“Knoxville Theater Stories #2 “The guitars and the overall production of this track is quite good. The vocalist/narrator can actually use inflection in her voice to make the piece interesting. Editing was quite well done and I think this would rank up with the style of Johnny Cash or Mac Davis.”” - Reverbnation Reviews
“Sunshine "This song brought a smile to my face. It reminded me of the old time music. No fancy sound effects or instruments. Just some old fashioned banjos. This song could find an audience. It has a nice vibe. There's nothing condescending here. It's just a track by some guys who want to have fun and entertain others. The band has talent. The harmony is wonderful. The banjo player knows how strum it and put on a show. The singer is talented and puts out some great lyrics. Overall, this was a great track. I really enjoyed the effort. The lyrics were catchy and a joy to listen to. The band really has something here. I can't wait to see what they do next!"” - Reverbation Reviews