Let's sit by the creek!

Under construction. The new and shiny soon!

Thanks for visiting this site! I am changing it up a bit from what this was... I want to share some of the things I love - music, mountains and herbs. All of the talented artsist and musicians will still be found here, as well as some new ones! Come sit by the creek with us and rest a spell. Better yet, tell a tale of your own...  :)



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My Hearts a Bustin!




When I was a little girl, my grandmother would go on long walks through our woods with me and my sister, and sometimes other relatives. Whenever we would come to the "hearts a bustin" plant, she would stop and exclaim…

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A Cure For Just About Anything!

Mullein is used for everything from burns, to wounds, to gout. It is popular to use it for any kind of colds and flus, lung problems and stomach upset. It is easy to use!

To make the tea with dried…

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Mountain climbers & "sangers" 

American ginseng is well spoken of, but what is it exactly? It is a beautiful plant, that is highly regarded by the Cherokee and Appalachia medicine men and women. It was so coveted by the Cherokee for it's stimulating and…

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