something different that I jotted down....


Come with me, to the picture show 

We can walk there in the Tuesday snow 

Greta Garbo, something we’ve seen 

Not sure whose going to light up the screen 

Mama’s listening to Bob Crosby 

A parade she only sees 

She’s with her broom, me and my groom 

‘In a little gypsy tea room’ 

So I may daydream as I tend the line 

Cold old clothes soaking sunshine 

Feed the livestock, wood in the box 

I can’t quit thinking of our talks... 

Come with me to the picture show, 

Pocket of pennies, be my beau 

Clark Gable, Call of the Wild 

Don’t say you see me, as just a child 

Daddy’s fussing with his Cabriolet 

Says I may get to drive it on a summer day 

He’s at the wheel and all that I feel 

It’s your heart, I want to steal 

So I may daydream as I tend the line 

I’m just wanting you to be all mine 

I’ll be by when my dress is all dry 

Wait for me under twilight sky

copyright Beth Sutton 2020

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