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Do you need your writing edited or reviewed? 

Would you like lyrics written, a bio created or content for your web site? 

I write around 20 songs per week. I edit and proof all kinds of writing - throughout the world.  

I would adore working with you and your projects! 

If you would like to discuss how we can work together to create something unique and exciting, please fill out my Inquiry form below. I would love to hear from you! 

I also help create, manage and maintain your social media presence. I can advise, brainstorm and make your call to action spring to life! 

I enjoy wrting creative and storytelling pieces.  

If you want repetitive, bland lyrics, look elsewhere. Or, I can also charge you double? :P 

No Zoom or other common, popular ways. I am oldschool. :) 

Let's get started!

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A Few reviews

“Thank you for the assistance on this. I like the result” - EMB Malaysia 

“She really tries to satisfy the customer. A nice person to work with.” - mercurygemini 

“She told me what rhymed with orange! Just kidding! But she did everything I asked perfectly. I highly recommend Beth!” - Corey H. 

“Beth has a brilliant mind and the creativity of someone who has lived a 1000 lifetimes! Thank you!” - Mark Delaney

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