Mourning Sky

I wrote this after the 9/11 tragic act of terrorism happened. I am sharing it by request. Thank you. May we all continue to pray for one another as we still stumble through the horrors of that day. 

Mourning Sky  

Won't you tell me why  
you took the light out of  
the morning sky  

So sad inside  
but I can't hide  
my soul has died  
after waking to mourning sky  

Crying blind  
trying to find  
a place in my mind  
without mourning sky  

Take away the tragedy and all that's left is demented hypocrisy  
leave alone my will to survive it's been a long time I've been alive  
mourning sky  

I fight the inner hate  
never thought it was too late  
that changed the day that fate  
broke the mourning sky  

Mourning sky  
mourning sky  

Clinging to hope   
that life remains  
mourning sky  
feels the pains  
sky tumbles forth  
and out of the blue  
hate grasps the life  
of me and you  
mourning sky

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