The Spirit of the Eagle

A dear friend shared something with me and others that has stayed on my mind. It touched me and I just had to write about it. I kept it vague and am not sure it is where I wanted it to be, but here is how it landed, anyway. God bless our Veterans and their families for their service and sacrifices. 

The Spirit of the Eagle 

There’s a fire burning still 

Up on Eagle Hill 

Way on back in the woods 

Where stories would fill 

And last until 

Dawn broke where night once stood 

Some skies are filled with blue 

Others are bright with stars 

And the spirit of the eagle soars through 

And validates who you are 

We’d sit around that flame 

And talk every game 

And an old eagle would wait 

As we share scraps of our lives 

Whittled with knives 

That eagle shared our plate 

Some skies are filled with snow 

Others are bright with sunshine 

The spirit of the eagle will always flow 

Forever in these memories of mine 

Some men stand for freedom 

Been blessed to know some 

I am thankful and I pray 

We can all be wise 

And honor their sacrifice 

The spirit of the eagle way 

Copyright Beth Sutton 9/22/21

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