Moon Shine

Wake up, moon shine 

You’ve cast your spell on me 

It’s been a dark, dark night 

But I can finally see. 

Wake on up, moon shine 

Won’t you show your silver soul 

I had to walk downtown 

In a smile that I had stole. 

Smoke trees are sleeping 

And there’s a rustle in the wood 

I know the wolf well 

He’s so misunderstood. 

The fire flies are lanterns 

Leading me along my way 

Wake on up, moon shine 

I don’t want to wait for the day. 

My time is waiting 

Like a fiddler on the square 

Fill his cup with coins 

If you have a few to spare. 

The broken, brick facade 

Of the old general store 

Catches the shadows 

That evening time cannot ignore. 

Wake on up, moon shine, 

I see you in a cloudy halo 

I’ve got to take my chances 

I just can’t let you go. 

Wake on up, moon shine, 

Dreams appear before your eyes 

Won’t you walk with me 

Until the sweet sunrise? 

Copyright Beth Sutton, the knoxville girl, 2020

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