One December night 

I saw a paper doll 

Standing in the rain... 

And I couldn’t believe the sight 

The storm did not at all 

Tear her apart in vain... 

I knew her from some other time 

Back when we were too young 

And the clouds had yet to collide... 

Their church bells did chime 

The vows were sung 

7 years later she ran to hide... 

She doesn’t see me, across the street 

She spends her time in the garden 

And smiles at the sunshine... 

The season warms her bare feet 

And the winters harden 

And her grace gathers lines... 

And the virgin mary grows moss 

And sleeps by the sidewalk 

But I am ever watchful for her... 

In this life if we bear loss 

A lamb torn from the flock 

A shepherd patient among the larkspur... 

One Tuesday they took her away 

She did not return for a week 

I had squandered my time all wrong 

The sun shone so brightly on that Wednesday! 

I took her violets and kissed her cheek 

She asked what had taken me so long! 

Copyright Beth Sutton 2019

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