Roadside Recordings

Roadside Recordings is a collaboration of Gene Blair & Sutton Aquarius. Gene has been such a blessing to me and I am honored to have him as a writing partner and as a musician on these songs. It has been a lot of fun and there are plenty more to come! Please check back often to see what is new! The stories behind the songs will be posted soon. Thank you to everyone for your support!

Gene Blair

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My name is Gene Blair and I reside in East Tennessee in the beautiful Powell Valley where I occupy my time with my wife, a big lovable Black Lab named Loosey Lou, and two cats named Mork and Mindy.  I make my own wine and raise what garden I can plant in three raised beds.  I also put a few words down on paper every day.  Weekends will find my wife and me dancing and listening to country music at one of the Honky-Tonk Coffee shops that abound around this area (no alcohol and no drugs.) 

I have been writing songs for ten years.  Formerly President of the Knoxville Songwriting Association, also formerly President of the East Tennessee Singer Songwriter Association and now trying to focus and improve on my own songwriting.  As of this writing I have completed six hundred and thirty five songs, some pretty good and some just junk.  Many of the original one hundred and fifty “songs” that I wrote, before discovering all of my misconceptions about songwriting, have since been rewritten and eventually all of them will be revised or the song idea will be rewritten completely.  Someone once said that hit songs are not written, they are rewritten and I am sure that is correct.  A few songs that are not in the total count are those that I have co-written with others.  I have songs on Reverbnation that others have recorded as well as my efforts on this site.  I consider myself a songwriter rather than a singer or entertainer, although I have been known to do a cover song now and then as a guest singer.
You can find Gene online at: