Appalachian Way... 

I ache all over this morning. Yesterday I planted the herbs I had been growing in containers over the summer. About 20 I had room for in the house. It was a monumental effort to get them all to a "winter place." I had a reward for my efforts...I received notification I had risen to #5 on the Americana chart on Reverbnation this morning. I am really excited about that. So blessed by the support of others. My gratitude is endless, friends. 
So, why did I mess around with all of these herbs instead of just going to the store? I love it! I am learning how to use the herb as medicines and of course, they are yummy with foods. I will keep you posted on how I learn to use them. Maybe we can all share some tips and tricks about this from time to time. 
Have a nifty Friday, y'all!!! Thank for your support!

I wrote the lyrics to Cherokee Shine. It's about the natural ways of the mountains and specifically, the Cherokee. I've twisted a mountain love story into it. I hope you enjoy it! Many thanks to Kent Bilbrey and Outlaw Willie Franklin for their work on this one.

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