Goodnight story...

He was cold blooded and able 

Ready to settle the score 

Money on the table 

And a knock at the door 

I stood there there silent 

I knew my place 

Rain began to fall 

On my tear streaked face 

He didn’t say a word 

I fell to my knees to pray 

All that he heard 

Before we ran away.... 

Was the sound of the thunder 

The crash of the light 

Leaving me to wonder 

In the dark of the night 

The running is easy 

But the highway is long 

We’d never be free 

To right all the wrong 

So we crossed all the canyons 

And walked along the streams 

And when we were done 

We set out to dream 

The nights grew chilly 

The fire crackled blue 

I could tell he really 

Didn’t know what to do 

The war is long ended 

But the scars never fade 

We both pretended 

There’s no blood on the blade 

The rage never settles 

In my sterling mind 

The way the wind carries petals 

When the storm is unkind 

What I take with me 

As I run on my own 

Are the lessons he gave me 

On fighting alone


copyright - Beth Sutton Aquarius 2018

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  • Gene Blair
    Gene Blair At home in Lafollette
    I like it!

    I like it!

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