Heaven & Earth 

We watch the lightening bugs gather in the grass and rise up in synchronicity around 8:30 almost every night. It is a luxury afforded to those who are able to seek it out and turn off the artificial world. On this particular night, we had been picking blackberries for a while. The moon began to shine through hazy cloud cover. A humid, southern summer in East Tennessee, rich with the noises of nightfall. The lightening bugs surrounded us as we picked the ripe fruit. It was as if we were one with the Heavens. We did not say much of anything because the air almost feels sacred at these moments. You just take it all in and exhale the thankfulness of your blessings into the night breezes. We quit once the darkness set in so much were we not sure if the berries were ripe or not. Heading up to the house, we notice the rabbits have come out to play. Back and forth they scamper in the moonlight. I will probably turn tonight's berries into a cobbler, in Mamaw's kitchen.



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