Time flies... 

It's been a month since I updated this thing. :) I guess it's just been a busy month. I hope everyone has had an enjoyable holiday season. Today I had to bring all of my herbs inside. I procrastinated back in Autumn when the weather stayed mild. I have only had to bring them in for a few days at a time, twice. The rest of the time they have been outside. Cold weather is looming, so hopefully they will be ok inside through the next few months. I have never kept them through the winter. I usually dry or freeze the herbs and them replant new seeds in early spring. The basil and cinnamon basil are the only two herbs that do not seem happy with their long lifespan. I've got about 40 pots now on a table that has 3 tiers to it in front of a window.   Appalachian and Cherokee mamas have a way with herbs, and I am trying to keep that way going. Lavender made a wasp sting on my youngest disappear in under 30 minutes. A mix of cinnamon, lemon and thyme seems to be keeping us well. If you use herbs or plants let me know your uses. We can share remedies and thoughts.

This is a song I wrote about a Cherokee medicine man. I won't reveal if any of it is fact or fiction, but I do hope you enjoy it.
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